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Product Photo & Video

Guante is a relatively new home textile brand. After gaining a foothold in the bedding market, the company decided to expand its product line to include bathroom towels and completely revamp its brand. Our goal was to create a distinctive product appearance that would enhance the first impressions and differentiate it from the competition. The bright yellow represents freshness, satisfaction, and excitement. Citrus is a known natural cleanser that can sanitize things and make your home smell crisp and fresh.

Packaging & labels

We have developed a digital label and packaging for their new product, allowing the company to easily pass on all the necessary information to any manufacturer and speed up the production process.


We shot a standard package of high-quality professional photos and videos for Guante to use on their online store or any other e-commerce platform, such as Amazon and Shopify.

Social media

Guante is building its social media presence, so we have prepared some additional photos to use for their marketing purposes.

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